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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with #FL511

This month kicks off an important observation across the nation of the role of Hispanic Americans in the United States. National Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15th to October 15th.

Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the significant contributions people of Hispanic and Latino origin have made to the United States including in its history, the arts and culture, sports, academia, government, economic development and many other areas.

Florida has the third largest population of Hispanics in the nation, with more than 4 million residing in the state. Twenty-three percent of Florida’s population is Hispanic.

The Florida Department of Transportation encourages Floridians to join in the celebration. There are events in most towns and cities throughout the state. Use FL511 as a viable resource to get motorists to their destination during Hispanic Heritage Month and all other months as well.

Using FL511 is a proven and effective way to minimize delays by using real-time traffic information.
This free service, provided by FDOT, has great success in helping residents and visitors to travel Florida roads, and as they head to work, a community event and/or family gathering.

For real-time roadway conditions and and more, travelers can visit the website – FL511.com, and register for alerts and routes. They can also download the FL511 app on iTunes or Google Play.

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Use #FL511 during Hispanic Heritage Month

The Florida 511 Traveler Information System from the Florida Department of Transportation is the state’s official source for real-time traffic and travel information. The FL511 app, website, and twitter feeds provide information on Florida’s interstates, toll roads and other major metropolitan roadways, allowing drivers to avoid unnecessary delays, as well as receive updates on crashes, congestion, construction and more.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is an executive agency, which reports directly to the Governor. FDOT’s primary statutory responsibility is to coordinate the planning and development of a safe, viable and balanced state transportation system serving all regions of the state, and to assure the compatibility of all components, including multimodal facilities. The multimodal transportation system includes roadway, air, rail, sea, spaceports, bus transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. For details and more information on FL511, visit www.FL511.com.

popdevteamCelebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with #FL511