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My Florida 511 Personalized Services

Personalized Services

» Go to FL511.com.
» Register for a “My Florida 511” account to save your custom routes and sign-up for personalized alerts.
» To register, click “Register” at the top right of the page. Then fill in your name, email address, phone number and create a password.

» Creating and saving a route is easy. Enter the address for your starting point and destination. The website will provide driving directions for up to three routes. It will also display projected travel times, cameras along the routes, and incidents for each of the recommended routes. Choose the route you want, provide a name for the route in the box above the Drive Reset Save buttons and click “Save.”

“My Florida 511” features several alert options. Once a route is saved, hover over the “My Florida 511” button at the top of the page and select “Manage Routes & Alerts.” For the route that you would like an alert added, please click the “Create Alert” in the line of the route you would like to add an alert for. Click “Create Alert” for the route of your choice.

Required Fields
» Alert Name
» Events (Incidents, Construction, Congestion and Closures)
» Notification Type (New Event, Event Update, Event Cleared)
» Days of the week you would like to receive notifications for this route
» Set time period to receive notifications
» Delivery options (By Email, By SMS/Text)

Optional Fields
» Travel Time: receive an alert when travel time for your route increases
» Traffic Speed: receive an alert when the average speed along your route decreases
» Daily Alert Summary: receive a daily summary of the alerts on your selected routes

» Once you have registered, the “My Cameras” feature allows you to add your favorite cameras to a slideshow on the homepage. To do so, select “Cameras” on the map legend under “Traffic,” click the camera you would like to add from the map, then click “Add.”

»You can also sign up for Emergency Alerts. An “Emergency Alert” provides you with information on severe weather, wildfires, weather-related road and bridge closures, as well as AMBER, Silver and Blue alerts. In the “Manage Routes & Alerts” section, click on “Create Emergency Alert.” Decide the delivery option and the county or counties about which you would like to receive emergency alerts.

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