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Florida 511 Website

Introduction to the Florida 511 Website

» Go to FL511.com

» The homepage features an interactive traffic map, zoomed out to the whole state. To zoom in to your area, click “Statewide” on the top right of the page, and choose a region. To get back to this visual view of the state, a user can click on the ‘Home’ button at anytime.

» Select what you want to see on the map by checking the category you are interested in from the map legend on the right. You are able to click multiple layers to be displayed.
» Traffic Speeds: Traffic speeds along major roadways and selected arterials.
» Detour Routes: Detour routes are shown on the map for road closures when available.
» Cameras: Traffic cameras showing updated images with time/date stamps.
» Closures: Indicates there is a complete closure of a roadway.
» Incidents: Crashes, road closures, weather-related traffic alerts.
» Disabled Vehicles: Locates disabled vehicles that may be blocking a lane of traffic or on roadway shoulders.
» Construction: Planned or emergency construction on covered roadways.
» Congestion: Locations at which drivers will encounter unusual delays.
» Weather Radar: Provides statewide radar overlay.
» Message Signs: Locations of highway dynamic message signs and the current message(s).
» Truck Parking: Shows total number of spaces available for truck parking and number of current available parking spaces at rest areas.
» Weather Alerts: NOAA weather alerts, including watches/warnings.
» Road Weather Alerts: Provides specific weather conditions that may affect travel, such as fog or heavy precipitation.
» Weather Forecasts: Seven-day forecast with high/low temperatures and precipitation chances.
» Special Events: Shows location of special events, such as parades or major sporting events.

Click the “My Routes” tab on the left to create a route, and receive driving directions with travel times and incidents along that route.

My Routes

» Creating a route is easier than ever. Enter the addresses for your starting point and destination. The website will provide the driving directions, projected travel times, and incidents on up to three routes.

Creating a My Florida 511 Account

» Register for a “My Florida 511” account to save your custom routes and sign up for personalized alerts.

» To register, click “Register” at the top right of the page. Then fill in your name, email address, phone number and create a password.

» The new “My Florida 511” features several new alert options. Once a route is saved, hover over the “My Florida 511” button at the top of the page and select “Manage Routes & Alerts.” Then click “Create Alert” for the route of your choice.

» You can also sign up for Emergency Alerts. An “Emergency Alert” provides you with information on severe weather, wildfires, weather-related road and bridge closures, as well as AMBER, Silver and Blue alerts. In the “Manage Routes & Alerts” section, click on “Create Emergency Alert”. Decide the delivery option and the county or counties about which you would like to receive Emergency Alerts.

Alerts and News

» The website homepage also features the new “Alerts” and “News” tabs next to “My Routes.” Under “Alerts” you will see information on major events including hurricanes, major road closures and more. The “News” tab displays articles, information and updates related to Florida 511, surveys, etc.

» Once you have registered, the new “My Cameras” feature allows you to add your favorite cameras to a slideshow on the homepage. To do so, you must be logged in to your account. Once logged in, select “Cameras” on the map legend, click the camera you would like to add from the map, then click “Add.”

» The red bar above the map is a scrolling alert bar that shows high level traffic alerts. These are priority messages about major traffic impacts, emergency situations, incidents on non-covered roadways and public safety messages.

Traffic Info

» Click on “Traffic Info” to enable the dropdown menu options.

» Select “Incidents List” to view a list of crashes, road closures, weather-related traffic alerts.

» Select “Cameras List” to view a list of traffic cameras showing updated images with time/date stamps.

» Select “Message Signs List” to view a list of locations of highway dynamic message signs and the current message(s).

» Select “Truck Parking” to show the number of spaces available for truck parking and number of current available parking spaces at rest areas.

Other Sections

» Click on “Construction Info” to be directed to the Project Information page on the Florida Department of Transportation website, and get information on active FDOT construction projects: project development, public outreach and long-term planning.

» The “Emergency Info” link provides detailed information on how you can use Florida 511 during an emergency. There are also helpful links to state and national emergency partner agencies. FDOT updates this page during emergencies to provide current information.

» The “Transit/Airports” page provides links to most all of the transit agencies and public airports throughout the state.

» Click on “Links” to access seaports, regional transportation organizations, parking organizations, major event venues, evacuation management agencies, rest areas/weigh stations, and other partners.

» For inquiries, comments, or suggestions, click “Contact Us” under the “About” section at the bottom right of every page.


» The “Newsroom” link takes you to the Florida 511 newsroom, which provides a wealth of resources for the news media and 511 outreach partners. You can download news releases, photos, logos, toolkits, eNews newsletter, fact sheets, and more.

Florida’s Official Source For Real-Time Traffic Info

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