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Florida 511 Mobile App for Android and Apple Devices

Navigating the Florida 511 Mobile App

» Open the app.
» Click “Drive” to open Drive and Map Mode.
» Click “Traffic Map” to view the mobile website.
» Click “Dial 511” to connect directly to the phone system.
» Click “Links” for partner agencies.

Drive Mode

» For route information and directions, click “Drive,” then enter your destination in the box at the top of the screen. You have the option of typing in the physical address or the name of a landmark (for example, Walt Disney World). Click on the box for a list of recent destinations, saved destinations and saved routes.
» After entering (or choosing) your destination, you can choose your starting location. This can either be your “current location” or another address or landmark. Click “return” on the phone keyboard.
» The app will then provide a suggested route plus up to two alternate routes, each with driving directions, travel times and incidents. Click “Options” to select “Highways” or “No Highways” and “Tolls” or “No Tolls.” You can also add way points (additional destinations or stops) along your route.


»»Choose a route and click “Start.” The app will let you know about any new incidents (crashes or construction) that occur, and will provide you with an alternate route to your destination if one is available.
»»To save the destination or route, click the star next to the route number. Then name the destination or route (work, Debbie’s house, gym; or home to work, home to airport).
»»The “Links” button on the bottom of the homepage will direct you to a page with links to dozens of Florida travel and transportation agencies.

Sidebar Menu

» The sidebar menu on the homepage provides short cuts to the Drive Mode, Map View, Saved Destinations, and Saved Routes. You can also check out the FAQs, change your settings, view our privacy information, and provide feedback.
» The “Feedback” section allows you to tell us that you like the app or if there is a problem. When you click on “Feedback” you will be given two options. The top button says “I like this app.” Click on the button to leave a 5 star review for the app in the Apple and Google Play store. The bottom button says “There is a problem.” Click on the button to send us an email.

Traffic Map

» Click “Traffic Map” to connect to the mobile website.


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